Drumming Videos – Richard Nolan

A couple of videos I did for a drummer friend Richard Nolan. Just me, a brace of 5D mk3s, a 7D and a Panasonic P2.
Watch those arms go!

Red socks were worn because it was dark!

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Lavenham Jackets Happy Bag Film

When Nicky, from Lavenham Jackets, came home from Japan with a few hours of footage from her Happy Bag campaign and asked if I could do something with it.  What could I say, but yes!  It’s such a nice thing she’s done and they’re so lovely at Lavenham Jackets, I got stuck in.  Here’s what I made and this is what the Happy Bags are all about. Red socks were worn, but I fancy a quilted pair!

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Christmas Card

The RSF and v1.02 completed a Christmas card for customers and friends alike.
This helps to save money and the rainforest!

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Combine Porn

Keeping with an agricultural theme the RSF was out in a field in Warwickshire during harvest with Case IH’s latest Combine Harvester the 9230 Series which is a beast of a machine!

Case wanted something fast and obscure, which is what they got!

There was a bit of danger, but yes, red socks were worn for safety purposes.

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Tractor Porn

The RSF has been out shooting tractor porn for Case IH!

This was a world record attempt and involved some pretty big numbers.

Case wanted a blockbuster feel and that’s what they got.

Red socks were worn to match the tractors!


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M4 J6 The Red Socked Fop and Hi-Vis Equipment!

This month the RSF was requested to visit the, closed, M4 for a nights filming for long term customers and friends Foster Contracting.

They had the contract to install 30,000m2 of Tensars Geosynthetic into the west bound M4.

This was a tightly timed operation that ran like clockwork with the contractor Toppesfield.

So, with Canon DSLR, Samyang 35mm F1.4 lens,  helmet, hi-vis jacket and some very bright red socks for safety purposes, the RSF had the M4 to himself… and a couple of hundred big blokes!

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Cycle Evolution Colchester

Long term friends and customers of the RSF are Paul and Darren Thomas of Cycle Revolution in Colchester and Ipswich.

They are embarking in a new venture – Cycle Evolution – a high end bike shop with only the best in equipment and customer service.  This new store will be opening soon, but when they asked theRSF to come up with something to whet peoples appetites, how could I refuse.

So, with 7d, a dolly and some lights in hand, off I went to the building site and got creative!

Red socks were worn for health and safety reasons.

Their site is www.cycle-evolution.net

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New Stop Snoring Viral

The RSF has been in a viral mood this week and when asked by Adkins Snoring Aid to come up with something funny, how could I refuse?

So, off with a Canon 7d and a warped sense of humour the RSF went and this is what I came up with!

Adkins can be found at this lovely new website.

Red socks were worn because it was so damn cold!


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Off to Scotland with the SAS!

The RSF was invited to Stirling in Scotland to shoot a little film of the beautiful memorial to Sir David Stirling founder of the Special Air Service Regiment.

The memorial is set in stunning surroundings and the RSF set to making a film to show the viewer what it is like to visit.

The Regiment was also there en mas to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the Regiment and to unveil new plaques to the WW2 casualties.

So it was off with a woolly jumper and some red socks to Jockland!


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FUBAR fashion!

Once again the RSF was dragged, screaming and kicking, on another adventure with FUBAR Hair Collective which is part owned by Mrs RSF (Donna Chaplin).

So, it was off to the Colchester Arts Centre with his ever faithful camerman sidekick, Adam Terry, and some fashion show fun with hair by FUBAR.

Incidentally, the first model down the catwalk is MISS RSF (Amelia) so it really was a family affair!

Red socks were worn for fashion purposes at all times!

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